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Mandatory Military Service Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Mandatory Military Service - Essay Example The researcher states that then thought of every able bodied person serving in the military elicits mixed reaction in different societies and other quarters, where some are for while others are against it. Engaging in military service for able bodied raises debates world over, which makes it crucial to assess the options between service or lack of it, whether mandatory service is more beneficial as compared to lack thereof. Mandatory military service should be recommended for every nation and state for different reasons that are only for the benefit of its people and the enlisting individuals, as a whole. One of the main reasons is that taking part in military service is an act of loyalty, and the right thing to do for everyone as a citizen. This is a duty in which every citizen should participate rather than wait for other members of the society to step forward risking their lives to protect those of others. This service ensures ignorance is eliminated from all members of society, a s they all know their responsibilities and what the military goes through. This is before they get to criticize the works of the military prior to understanding the implications of handling conflict, both armed and unarmed. In such cases, responsibilities of protecting the nation should be shouldered by all able bodied persons as without the mandatory system, the entire military would be a professional one. This is where the cost becomes overwhelming since the military wants to retain as many personnel as possible, which is not the case with mandatory service. Mandatory service ensures that the military is always ready with personnel and trains reserves since those that leave the military become reservists. These reservists are equipped with skills that benefit all members of the society regardless of conflicts as the same skills can be applied in life situations. Moreover, mandatory military service for every able bodied citizen is crucial to creating a patriotic nation and instill ing a sense of nationhood amongst the people (Imran). Serving in the military serves as an opportunity to inculcate a sense of pride in serving their country thus allowing them to fight for it and guard it under all circumstances. Although there are many other options from which one can choose to instill patriotism, mandatory military service instills pride and should, therefore, be practiced. It is also one of the ways through which one can serve his or her country; before going into the world to serve one’s own needs and interests. As such, it creates a sense of identity with the men and women fighting for the country by connecting with them. This connection is because the citizens know what it takes to be in the military, and how patriotic it is of them to serve in it. Serving in the military, therefore, should be enforced for every able bodied person for a defined period in which one evaluates his or her loyalties. However, mandatory military service should not be practic ed for clearly visible reasons that decapitate the values of the society, any society that is. This is provided the society in question follows a democratic view that should allow its people to make their own choices by joining the military. Furthermore, it ruins the social system by having the military leaders and other leaders with the power to influence the military have their own way. Hence, mandatory military service ensures that there are no reforms in the military, a heavy consequence for the people and the nation as a whole. This is because this service leaves people who are exempt from the service as lesser members of the society as compared to those who are enlisted. Therefore, they are discriminated against and used to achieve the means of recruiting and assigning officers (Connolly). Those that do not enlist in the military are required to serve mandatory community service that involves the providing cheap labor for other members of the society, as is the case of Germany . It is for this reason that every able bodied

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Gazprom One of the Largest Gas Producing Companies of Russia Essay

Gazprom - One of the Largest Gas Producing Companies of Russia - Essay Example UGSS assures steady gas supply from the wellhead to the end user. (, 2008c) d. Processing: Gazprom Group’s processing segment is made up of gas and gas condensate processing plants (GPP), the enterprises of Sibur Holding, and the oil-refining capacities of Gazprom Oil (Sibneft). (, 2008d) e. Power industry: Its strategic task is to become a world scale energy production company with one whole chain – from production to sales – not only gas but also liquid hydrocarbons as well as producing a wide range of end products, electrical power being just one of such. (, 2008e) The global strategy of Gazprom is to become the largest in the world for producing and distributing gas to the entire world so that appropriate amount of utilization of the natural resources can be done. Datamonitor (2007) states that 2006 was the first year after Gazprom’s share market liberalization. During this period, OAO "Gazprom" capitalization increased by over 70 % and amounted to $270 billion at the end of the year. Gazprom has been developing a unique resource base, production capacities and pipeline system. This effort take taken the company as the world’s most reliable energy resource suppliers to enterprises, organizations, and individuals. They are devoted to a specialized and accountable advance towards the development of these resources and the supply of the markets both in Russia and globally. Gazprom is engaged in research and development activities to strategize important energy resources in cooperation with the most successful and responsible international energy companies. This makes them quite strong in their operations base and marks the strength of their strategy for further growth. Gazprom is constantly pursuing its business globalization strategy, and actively increasing the supply to the entire globe for its gas production.  In 2006, the company supplied liquefied natural gas to the UK, Japan and Korea for the first time.  

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Mathematical Order in the Artwork of Leonardo Da Vinci Essay -- Art It

Mathematical Order in the Artwork of Leonardo Da Vinci A large portion of the Italian Renaissance was an obsession with finding order in everything in the universe. Its primary actors sought to show nature as orderly and fundamentally simple. Leonardo Da Vinci, the epitome of the Renaissance Man, was not the first to apply these ideas of geometric order and patterns to art, but he may be the most well known. Da Vinci used mathematical concepts like linear perspective, proportion and geometry in much of his artwork. Leonardo was born on April 15, 1452 in Vinci, a town 50 kilometers west of Florence in what is now Italy. The illegitimate son of a notary, he grew to become one of the most renowned and influential men in the fields of art, engineering, architecture, mathematics and natural science. The world was just awakening from the Dark Ages. Sigmund Freud once wrote, â€Å"He was like a man who awoke too early in the darkness, while others were still asleep† (Brizio, 7). Much of his work was lost because of the time period he lived in. The primary artifacts of his work remaining today are the many paintings he did and the numerous notebooks filled with detailed diagrams of everything from human anatomy to theoretical inventions. They are filled with detailed descriptions and explanations scribbled right to left so only those intelligent enough could read them. Leonardo did intensive studies on linear perspective. He applied this method to much of his work. According to the Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Art Terms, linear perspective is â€Å"the method of representing a 3-D object or a particular volume of space on a flat surface.† By making all of the lines in the painting converge on an single, invisible point on the horizon,... ...tic of the Italian Renaissance, is sometimes criticized. But he created harmony and balance in such a unique and beautiful way that his work is still studied 500 years later. Bibliography [1] Brizio, Anna Maria, The Painter. Leonardo: The Artist, McGraw-Hill Co., 1980. [2] Emmer, Michele, Art and Mathematics: The Plutonic Solids. The Visual Mind: Art and Mathematics, MIT Press, 1993 [3] Pioch, Nicholas, Web Museum, Paris.: Leonardo Da Vinci. (9/20/99). [4] Rosstad, Anna, (translated by Ann Zwick), Leonardo Da Vinci: The Man and the Mystery. Ostlands – Postens Boktrykkeri, 1994. [5] Turner, Richard A., Inventing Leonardo. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1992. [6] Zwijnenberg, Robert, The Writings and Drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci: Order and Chaos in Early Modern Thought. Cambridge University Press, 1999.

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Services Marketing and Management

Defining Services Services are about the economic activities offered by one party to another. On the other hand is about exchange for the customer money, time, and effort, service customers expect to obtain value from access to goods, labor, facilities, environments, professional skills, networks, and systems; but they do not normally take ownership of any of the physical elements involved. And then services also involve a from of rental, offering benefits without transfer of ownership such as include rental of good. Defining four categories of services and exampleBased on differences in nature of service act tangible or intangible and who or what is direct recipient of service people or possessions, there are four categories of services: first one is people processing second one is possession processing, third one Mental stimulus processing, the last one is information processing. (1) People Processing is about services that are directed at the people themselves. Customers must phys ically enter the service factory. The managers should think about the process and output from customer's perspective.The people processing example have hospitals and fitness centers. (2) Possession Processing is about customers may ask service organizations to provide treatment for some of their physical possessions. Customers are less physically involved compared to people processing services. Production and consumption are separable. The possession processing example have repair services and house cleaning services (3) Mental Stimulus Processing is about the services touch people's minds, and have the power to shape attitudes and influence behavior. Core content of services is information-based. t can be inventoried The mental stimulus processing example have consulting, education and broadcasting. (4) Information processing is about information is the most intangible form of service output but may be transformed into enduring forms of service output. Some services are most highly dependent on the effective collection and processing of information. The information processing example have accounting, banking and financial. â€Å"It has been argued that businesses should see themselves as offering a customer-satisfying service rather than a goods-producing process. In this question, I think different companies will have different practices, some businesses should see themselves as offering a the customer-satisfying the service rather than a goods-producing process. Although a company can do these two completely to satisfy the customer needs. but some businesses need to provide themselves as offering a goods-producing process. But now companies are more focused on customer service. About the J. B. McKitterick, a General Electric executive, he say some marketing concept about the customer service is important.In a paper written in 1957, he observed that the principal marketing function of company is to determine what the customer wants and then develop the appr opriate product or service. Which was to develop products and then build customer interest in those products. The foundation for the marketing concept about the customer satisfaction is of primary importance. A growing number of company are giving increased attention to customer service. such as Financial institutions, beauty industry, airlines, retail stores, restaurants, manufacturers, and wholesalers face the problem of gaining and retaining the patronage of customers.Building long-term relationships with customers has been given a high priority by the majority of Hong Kong this place most successful enterprises. Many companies realize that customer satisfaction is an important key to success. Customer service can be defined as those activities that enhance or facilitate the purchase and use of the product. Competition in the industry too many, their products are the same or very similar. We have entered the age of boundless competition, triggered in large part by an expanding gl obal economy. Multinational competition has increased dramatically in recent years.To compete successfully in markets where products are the same or very similar, and prices are basically the same, so the customer service is often the only competitive advantage available. Many companies will do the survey, they will ask the customer need and they want the company will focus on customer-satisfying service or goods-producing process, the customer's answers is want to focus in customer-satisfying service. such as the company will have some training programme to give the staff. Now more people want the company can provide a good service more than a goods-producing process. ecause customers want the sales can to help them and address their needs. They will feel happy for their shopping. After their shopping, if some people feel this company have a good service, they would recommend to their friend. I think this can effectively to promote their company's products. It can attract more peop le to come the company to buy their product. On the other hand, such as financial, beauty these industries, these industries need to have and provide good customer service, because these industries require face-to-face contact with customers every time. o they need to provide the good customer service. And then the companies also hope that the customer service is ranked first, in addition, for the brand name of the company to establish good reputation, and this can increase the visibility of their company, more people can know their company information. On the other hand, they can attract more customers use the company's services or to buy the company's products. I think every company need have their customer-friendly systems and training. because the staff can know how to handled in a timely fashion. it can add value and build customer loyalty. uch as the cashier at the supermarket, the receptionist at the doctor's office, and the front-desk clerk at the hotel often have the first opportunity to serve the customer. they need to possess the social skills needed to build customer loyalty. The ultimate purpose of every business should be to satisfy the customer. Increased levels of competition require a greater commitment to customer service. some company is offering a goods-producing process rather than a customer-satisfying service. if they don't have a good service, the customer will not come to second time. o this type company can not only focus in the producing process. They also need to focus in the customer service. it can attract the customer come to next time. in this time, i think all company need focus this two type can do a good company and do very well. the company need to have quality results, good service, and a fair price to sell their product and provide their service. If the businesses that did not focus on customer feelings and emotions so they will lost customer. I will suggest the company need for continual reinforcement, and continuing good customer service programs.

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Jules Ferrys Speech On Imperialism - 828 Words

According to the content section of this chapter Imperialism, means, â€Å"the subjugation, domination, and exploitation of almost the entire globe to the economic and political needs of one region (Europe), a development unprecedented in human history. To a neutral viewer this may appear like a beneficial idea. During the 1800s and early 1900s, Imperialism was seen as a benefit to some and others did not see it as this. Many European nations such as Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, as well as some other nations were gaining land. Many people had opposing views regarding imperialism. Those who were in favor of imperialism often argued that it was beneficial based on nationalism, economic gains, the fervor missions of the Christians,†¦show more content†¦Jules Ferrys idea about making the trade better is a great idea, but unfortunately would not work like he thinks. The other country would not be willingly let imperialists take over. Jule’s speech continues wi th a response from M. Camille Pelletan, an honorable audience member, he states â€Å"What is this civilization which you impose with can- non-balls? What is it but another form of barbarism? Don’t these populations, these ‘inferior races,’ have the same rights as you? Arent they masters of their own houses? (258). Pelletan jeers and condemns Ferry, but Ferry sticks to his racist ideas and continues to put the inferior races under him. Ferry continues to talk about the superiority he thinks Europe has over everyone. He states, Gentlemen, I must speak from a higher and more truthful plane. (258). Ferry is showing that he thinks he is superior to those he is speaking to and sees himself as a superior to others and that he is above the inferiors. He then continues to make it clear that superiors have control over the inferiors, â€Å"It must be stated openly that, in effect, superior races have rights over inferior races.† (258). Throughout his speech, Ferry tries to show what the positives of Imperialism is, but does not acknowledge the negatives for the expansion and take over of certain territories. The imperialists tried to make arguments that they were bringing onlyShow MoreRelatedJules Ferry Case Study717 Words   |  3 Pages Case Study: Jules Ferry Melissa Elliott Chamberlain College of Nursing HIST 410 Professor Franklin March 06, 2016 Case Study: Jules Ferry 1. According to Ferry, what recent developments in world trade have made it urgent for France to have colonies? As an imperialist, Jules Ferry felt that France should be exploring and taking over new nations. He claimed colonial expansion was a great need that had become extremely urgent by the people and industrialized population of Europe (Kleinman, 1897)Read MoreEuropean Views On Non Europeans1324 Words   |  6 Pageson non-European peoples and cultures reflected the intellectual changes of the period. Europeans learned to accept the non-Europeans mainly due to the Enlightened Absolutism that had occurred where enlightened absolute monarchs allowed freedom of speech, religious toleration, and right to hold property. Some causes that resulted in the intellectual change could’ve been the Europeans were influenced by the way a person lived/lifestyles of the non-Europeans, Nationalism, and superiority. In the earlier

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The Investment Decision Of A Corporation - 1513 Words

Topic With the development of global economy, there are various types of firms in the financial market, such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies. Even though the kind of firms is different, the ultimate goal that is to make profit is the same. So the return predictability plays an important role in making the investment decision of a corporation. The average return on common stocks is different because of the different firm characteristic, such as, dividends, stock prices and investment horizons. In this dissertation, I plan to research the relationship between the predictability of return and these variables. I plan to select the financial market in the United States and the United Kingdom†¦show more content†¦Due to the expect return need a large number of historical figures to estimate the future outcome, I need to build a time series model to analysis these variables except for the mathematical derivation. So this dissertation th rough compare two theories which are Jonathan and Peter theory and Fama and French theory respectively to investigate the influence of different variables on the return predictability. Theory Both of these two theories are based on a basic rule that is the law of one price. The rule indicates that the price of a security is equal to the discounted value of the cash flows in the future when the investor purchases it. Jonathan and Peter use a lot of mathematical inference to analysis the stock return from one year to many years, which is called the dividend-discount model. Besides, the dividend growth is also considered in which forms the constant dividend growth model finally. From these formulas, it can be easily observed that the expect return of a security is a function about the dividend yield ( ). For one year: For multiyear: Constant dividend growth model: Although Jonathan and Peter have been carried out the relationship between the dividend yield and the expected return, there is a general lack of research in the impact of different horizons on the return. This problem is that the correlation between variance horizons and the anticipated return, which is solved by Fama and French through a regression test: r(t,

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Child Sexual Violence And Sexual Abuse - 1371 Words

Child on child sexual violence/assault cases has been on the rise. Sexual Violence is defined by Webster’s dictionary as any illegal sexual contact that usually involves force upon a person without consent or is inflicted upon a person who is incapable of giving consent (as because of age or physical or mental incapacity) or who places the assailant (as a doctor) in a position of trust or authority. There is growing understanding that the vast majority of children who has experienced sexual assault, are typically assaulted by someone they know, and often times trust (family member, friends of family, their own friends etc.) (Chaffin, 2008). Research indicates that over one third of children sexually assaulted is committed by someone under the age of 18 (Browne Finkelhor, 1986; Paolucci et al., 2001). Sexually victimized youth experiences greater risk for a multitude of antisocial behaviors and sexualized behaviors compared to those who have not experienced sexual victimizat ions (Browne Finkelhor, 1986; Paolucci et al., 2001). Tragic events are reported nearly every day such as the 2009 Gabriel Myers case involving the 7-year old boy who had previously been sexually assaulted by another child and later ended his own life. The importance of child on child sexual violence/assaults tend to be overlooked by adults due to the denial of thinking the youth and/or adolescences we love cannot possibly cause abuse and harm upon another loved one(COCSA, 2014). It is reported thatShow MoreRelatedSexual Abuse And Child Violence1862 Words   |  8 PagesAbuse is currently the number one cause of injury to women in the U.S., four million women every year are abused by men. These women often are disfigured or can develop permanent disabilities. Each year 2,500 deaths occur every year in abusive domestic situations, 1,500 women are killed violently by their perpetrators, and around 1,000 kill their abusers to save themselves (Mankiller). Statistics show that women are more often killed or disfigured by their abusers than are able to save themselvesRead MoreFrom the beginning of a child’s life, he/she holds the key to their own destiny. However, this is1000 Words   |  4 Pagesthe beginning of a child’s life, he/she holds the key to their own destiny. However, this is no longer the case when child sexual abuse is brought in as a factor. In surveys conducted, it was indicated that six percent to sixty-two percent of women and two percent to fifteen percent of men have been victims of sexual abuse as a child (Finkelhor 79). That was not their choice. Abuse is the result of force - not from a person’s willingness to fulfill an act. Victims also have to cope with the aftereffectsRead MoreLong Term Effects Of Child Sexual Abuse1467 Words   |  6 PagesLong-term effects of child sexual abuse Child Abuse can be a fundamental reason of causing issues for children and young people in physically and mentally. The primitive damage caused by child sexual abuse effect on the child’s developing capacities for trust, intimacy, agency and sexuality so that child sexual abuse is considered as a trigger of mental health problems and increase the risk of major depressive disorder in early adulthood or throughout their lifetime. There is a fact that thoseRead MoreA Short Note On Disorders And Families : Effects On Children1548 Words   |  7 Pagesnot be perpetuated into future generations. Denov (2004) explored the effects of sexual abuse by women on male and female victims. Society popularly underestimates the severity of childhood sexual abuse by women and tend to believe that sexual abuse by men is more destructive. The study focused on individual victims of childhood sexual abuse by women in a cross-sectional design and hypothesized that sexual abuse is equally destructive between male and female abusers. The independent variablesRead MoreSexal Abuse in America Essay1360 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout the United States, sexual abuse is more common that one may think and is not always understood to it’s full definition. In fact, in her book, Why Me? Help for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse (Even If They Are Adults Now), Lynn B. Daugherty, Ph.D., states that one in every four children are subject to some type of sexual abuse by the time they are eighteen years old. That means twenty-five percent of children some form of sexual abuse before they are adults. Although it is often thought ofRead MoreChild Molestation And Its Effect On Children1638 Words   |  7 Pagesaware of the nature of the crime or offense. One of the most traumatizing experiences that a child can ever encounter in their adolescent life is sexual abuse. Child molestation has been inflicted on many children throughout history and most will agree that it is a harmful and despicable act, however do we know why it occurs? Do we know what causes child sexual abuse and does it have the same effect on every child? Are some children even aware of the fact that they are being victimized? There are manyRead MoreEssay on Sexual Abuse on Women1250 Words   |  5 PagesSexual abuse, also known as sexual assault, is any sort of sexual activity that one doesn’t agree to which includes, inappropriate touching, vaginal, anal, or oral penetration, sexual intercourse that one says no to, rape, attempted rape, as well as child molestation. Sexual abuse is usually verbal or visual. It can also be anything that forces a person to be in unwanted sexual contact. There are many examples of sexual abuse like voyeurism, exhibitionism, incest, and sexual harassment. VoyeurismRead MoreThe Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse Essay1694 Words   |  7 PagesAn estimated 39 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse exist in America today (Darness2Light, 2009a ). This figure continues to grow daily as perpetrators of this crime continue in this destructive path. The definition of child sexual abuse is the force, coercion, or cajoling of children into sexual activities by a dominant adult or adolescent. Sexual abuse of children includes touching (physical) sexually including: fondling; penetration (vaginal or anal using fingers, foreign objects orRead MoreChild Sexual Abuse And Children1301 Words   |  6 PagesChild sexual abuse effects tens of thousands of children, and young teens every year. With the rate of this issues, p arents and other adults are not prepared nor willing to deal with problems of their children or family members been sexual abused. Child sexual abuse can take many forms, but it’s always a violation of a young person’s rights, and it increases the risk of many adverse physical and mental health conditions. Furthermore, child sexual abuse is defined as direct genital contact and indirectRead MoreSexual Assault And Sexual Abuse978 Words   |  4 PagesSexual assault  is any type of  sexual  contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. Falling under the definition of  sexual assault  are  sexual  activities such as forced  sexual  intercourse forcible sodomy child molestation fondling attempted rape The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act was passed in the United States, and its definition of who might be covered under the law included sexual abuse. 1 In 6 Women in the united states and 1 in 33 men have experienced